KoifarmND koi selection 2013

Very nice koi selection on koifarmND with VHQ fish here some samples in pictures

21 and 22 decembre open doors on koifarm ND


Haenestraat 7
8630 Steenkerke


Maruhiro Chagoi 3 years 70cm

IMG_6540_redimensionnerYamamatsu Sakai Shiro Hutsuri   4 years 66cm

IMG_6554_redimensionnerMaruhiro Sakai Grinrin Soragoi 62cm 2 1/2 years

IMG_6567_redimensionnerOomo Sanke 68cm 4 years

IMG_6575_redimensionnerIkarashi kohaku 63 cm 4 years

IMG_6583_redimensionnerMyatora Kin ki utsuri 62cm 4 years

IMG_6614_redimensionnerMarusho Sanke 69cm 4years

IMG_6618_redimensionnerMiatora doitsu Sanke 62cm 4 years (2013 second prize All Japan koi show)

IMG_6620_redimensionnerHoshikin Kohaku 62cm 4 Years

IMG_6635_redimensionnerMamatsu Sanke 68cm 4 years

IMG_6641_redimensionnerOomo maruten showa 73cm 4 years

IMG_6648_redimensionnerOomo Sanke 60cm 2 years

IMG_6653_redimensionnerIkarashi Hi Utsuri 83cm 5 years IMG_6674_redimensionner

Kazuto Tancho Goshiki 47cm 2 years

IMG_6677_redimensionnerOomo Sanke 55cm 2 years


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